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Doug Hylan's: 13' Beach Pea Pod...


The Pea Pod is a beautiful tender with a classic New England appearance. Originally built to carry crew and gear in support of the Maine fishing and lobster industry. It transported the nets, bait and catch to and from the shore with speed and safety, Doug Hylan's elegantly designed Beach Pea is no exception. Hylan's Beach Pea is lighter and her lines a bit more delicate than her predecessor's, making her a capable and versatile yacht tender.

Ballentine's builds this Pea Pod with high quality Sapele plywood and glued lapstrake construction. This material and method of building not only ensures superior strength, longevity and ease of maintenance, it also allows us to reduce the total weight. At only 125 pounds, the boat is easily moved both on shore and in the water. However, don't let her size fool you. The design's stability and strength can confidently carry a full crew even when the weather picks up.


The 13' Beach Pea Pod is a lapstrake double ender specially designed for rowing, towing and sailing. It easily pulls up on the beach for landing parties, and with the additional length it can accommodate a little more crew or cargo.

The near effortless movement through the water makes the Pea Pod a pleasure to row. The perfectly balanced design gives the boat a smooth and stable ride.

The Beach Pea is also a great alternative to a "Big Boat" with the addition of a sailing rig. Whether rowed, sailed, or even towed, the Pea Pod is right at home. Her size and features are ideal for moving through a crowded harbor or exploring the shallow coves and inlets you find along the way.

t Ballentine's Boat Shop, we can build your Pea Pod to exactly what you would like. From rub rails to rigging, the boat can be customized to your needs.

All of our dinghies - Pea Pod, CALABAN, Shellback, and Nutshell, spend the season tied to our dock in Red Brook Harbor and are available for test driving around the harbor.

For more information or to arrange a Test Drive, please Email Us!

Currently taking orders! New PEA POD Dinghies are made in Massachusetts and can be shipped all over the world. Call to place your order or for additional information: 508-563-2800

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